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In 2002 the California Deer Assocation (CDA) compiled and published the first definitive book on record game animals taken in the state of California. By no means comprehensive, it served as a starting point for collecting records on native wildlife for the State of California and as an incentive for sportsmen throughout the state to submit their trophies for scoring and consideration. The records being maintained by the CDA, and posted here on www.caldeer.org, were the most current and up to date as of the year 2002. We are asking sportsmen throughout the state to come here and submit information to the CDA about other possible record holders and contenders so we can collect and present the most current and comprehensive list of state records that truly represent the most magnificent specimens of California's native wildlife.

You can help us update and improve our records by submitting your records to the California Deer Association, or notifying us of any potential contenders (even those long-forgotten ones collecting dust in someone's shed). Below you'll find a checklist of everything you'll need for submitting an official entry. You can either mail your entry to the address provided below, or send it by fax.

Boone and Crockett Scoring Process

When submitting an entry for official scoring be sure to include the following:

Entry Affidavit either witnessed by an official measurer or notarized. Click here for a complete list of Boone & Crockett Certified Scorers within the CDA who can score your trophy.
Completed Hunter, Guide and Hunt Information form.
Clearly focused photographs of trophy front, right side, and left side of horns or rack. For skull, include photographs of front, top, right side, and left side.
Copy of hunting license/big-game tags used to take the trophy.
For non-hunter taken trophies (i.e. picked up trophies), unknown hunter, or hunter/owner are different, please provide a short, detailed narrative describing how the trophy came into your possession. If picked up, please describe the circumstances and condition of trophy when found.

Mailing Address
California Deer Association
Attn: Wildlife Record Program
820 Park Row, PMB 671
Salinas, CA 93901-2406

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